David Gibson graduated from Boston University’s conservatory theater program and began finding immediate success in television and radio commercials. From 1975 to 2010, he was employed as a national spokesman and voiceover announcer, proclaiming the supposed "miracles" of everything from Alphabits to Wonderbra's in hundreds of TV and radio advertisements, as well as being the promo-voice for various programs on the ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, HBO and SHOWTIME television networks. 




After raising two children from a voiceover career and sending them off to college, David returned to the world of legit acting. In the last several years, he has appeared in over forty-five films and episodic TV programs playing lawyers, doctors, professors, bankers, expert witnesses, an engineer, a megalomaniac and a cowboy. Whatever the character, David is most often cast as the guy who has the solution to the problem.